No peacocks !

Not a peacock in sight today, and it feels very strange….Our three birds had taken to straying into neighbours’ gardens and leaving too much evidence. They are very curious, and also very sneaky. I tried bribery ( sunflower seeds ) and appealing to their vanity ( a mirror ), but they continued to wander, so we arranged a swap with another breeder. Now we have just one pair of young birds but can’t let them out until they are used to the place. Fingers crossed that they will settle and eventually breed. Fruit Hill without the peacocks just wouldn’t be the same.

Update : The two new peacocks are real homebirds – so much so that they won’t leave the windowsill, and love to keep an eye on what’s going on in the house. I think they must have been reared in a shed, because they don’t have a clue about roosting in the trees at night. Dick has had to build them a special platform, and I have to get up on a LADDER to call them up to their roost – otherwise the fox would be delighted to entertain them. It is ridiculous really, but they are very sweet.

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